SpinnKnitty Yarn Station Original Price $50.35, NOW It’s $34.95! (Magenta)

SpinnKnitty Yarn Station Original Price $50.35, NOW It’s $34.95! (Magenta)

Price : $34.95


Product Benefits
SpinnKnitty Yarn Station is designed for knitters and crocheters to keep their yarn organized and lessen the frustration that comes when yarn becomes messy and tangled. It accommodates large yarn up to 2 pounds, multiple yarn sizes, and shapes (including yarn spools with a cardboard insert).

Key Features:

  • Turns at your own pace as you crochet or knit
  • Interchangeable rods, for ball, oval, cake, and cone shape yarn
  • Manually rewind and unwind
  • Needle holder
  • Great for crochet/knitting classes or parties
  • Made in the USA

It’s Patent

Product Dimension
-6 ½” diameter base (includes the suction cup feet for stability)
-11 3/8” tall

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The SpinnKnitty Yarn Station kit is a Multi-functional YARN STATION, HOLDER, SPINNER, WINDER, ORGANIZER. Crocheters and Knitter’s NEW TRENDY TOOL is designed to keep yarn organized and in one place. The Station turns at your own pace as you Crochet or Knit. The SpinnKnitty Yarn Station contains 5 pieces: 1 SpinnKnitty assembled base, 2 Spin disks to accommodate various sizes of a ball or oval or cone shape yarn, 2 Interchangeable rods.

Additional information

Weight 15 oz


  1. Rico Test

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks team! This web fits in nicely with good products.

  2. ericavaldesnyc

    This product is amazing!!! So well thought out and exactly what I needed to make crocheting more comfortable and easier. The wheel spins freely and isn’t loosey goosy. It comes with 2 different sized plates for different sizes of yarn. And I drop my hook in the top when I’m done for the day and don’t have to go looking for it later. I’m going to buy a bunch more!!! Thank you to the creator of this great product 🙏🙌❤

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