About SpinnKnitty

What is Spinnitty?

SpinnKnitty was launched to meet the needs of knitting, yarn, and crochet crafters, who have expressed frustration when not able to maintain control of the yarn and keep things organized.

The Product

SpinnKnitty is a uniquely designed, multi-functional yarn knitting and crocheting station.

The SpinnKnitty Yarn Station allows yarn to be fed in a controlled and stable manner:

This is the only product in the marketplace to that turns at your own pace while you’re knitting or crocheting.

So, whatever your knitting, crocheting or yarn needs may be, the multi-functional SpinnKnitty Yarn Station accommodates various yarn sizes and shapes!

Plus, the center rod is designed not only to hold yarn, but the hollow framework conveniently stores your knitting and crochet needles.

Product Features

The SpinnKnitty Yarn Station offers unique features for all knitting and crochet enthusiasts!

  • Needle Holder – place to hold knitting or crocheting needles
  • Portable Stand – Take the station wherever you go!
  • Stable Foundation – Suction cup base keeps everything secure
  • Versatile – Accommodates different size shapes and rolls of yarn

The SpinnKnitty Yarn Station was created not only to keep yarn organized for knitters, crocheters, and yarn crafters but to relieve stress and for you to have fun!