The Story

The Story

After several years of going to long appointments, school functions, kids practices, sport events, doctors appointments, hospitals, you name it, and waiting for many minutes or hours at times, anxiety is building up while waiting. There should be something fun to do besides our phone while waiting!

One day I took my pool cleaner vacuum wheel apart, and that’s how I started. I drew what I like to see, and what function I can deliver. My husband came home, surprise surprise. “ He said what happened to the pool vacuum?!” So I told him what’s on my mind.

My local home improvement center is one of my favorite stores.  I came to know people who worked in the different departments and they came to know me too. One day as soon they see me coming in, they started to run away hahahaha!  As a woman asking a lot of questions about parts that I would like to get, not knowing their name but knowing what function I wanted, they worked with me.  Now the wait and asking questions is finally over.

This project is built because I see youth go to knitting or crochet classes sometimes they get frustrate on rolling yarn, no fun. I see adults and youths dealing health issues, staying in the hospital for days, weeks. Adults and youths that can move, walk and have the ability to knit or crochet, this is one of the reasons I invented this. Something fun and brings this lost art back to children.

So I made my prototype, it made my hobby more enjoyable and drove my anxiety and stress away.  Now I can knit or crochet while my yarn is 1 to 3 feet away from me on my SpinnKnitty Multi-functional Yarn Knitting Station.

It’s for you knitter’s, crochet and yarn crafters.  Let’s make your Yarn Knitting Station unique by decorating it. Help me build and bring these fun arts back to children.

American Made

SpinnKnitty Yarn Knitting Station – proud to be a family owned business, with all operations and product manufacturing based in the USA.